Pre-Configured, Customizable Banners

In this section, we provide some of our own design and layout ideas for you to customize into your own! Unlike the desings in the Gym Themed Designs section, which are not editable designs, each of these designs can be purchased exactly as it is, or you can choose to personalize it to your own taste. Whether you want to personalize just the text, or modify the basic layout completely to your own taste, you can do that, here!

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Pre-Decorated Banners & Posters

Here we offer you to choose from pre-decorated banner, posters or stickers in a variety of sizes. Select from prints with League of Lifters' designs, or from our original gym themed designs.

League of Lifters' Designs


Gym Themed Designs

Need a pre-decorated print in a custom size? We can do that! Contact us with details for a custom quote.

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